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March 02, 2003


I've been working on the template, in ways that only I will really notice. Gah!

My geek kung-fu is not so great today. I'm starting to get comfortable using (pasting) scripts, though my current issue has me wishing that I could actually write the script myself. I really like Blogrolling, but I wish that one could categorize the blogs, and display them by type. I tried Bloglinker, which does allow one to assign blogs to categories, but if you want to display more than one category, you still get one combined, unsorted blogroll. There's a cool script by IamPariah, which adapts the Blogrolling sidebar code really nicely. But I don't really want to hide my blogroll - I want visitors to see the blogs I like, without having to make an extra click to generate the sidebar.

So I suppose the most constructive thing I've done is edit my blogroll and limit it to personal blogs, and put the more public oriented ones under my other links. Which didn't need to take up all this time. sigh

Explanatory note: Did you know you can make blogstickers? At some point, I came across Natsuko's blog; it may or may not be real, I don't care. But "the blogging is large!" was too precious a phrase to not slap on a sticker. So there you have it.

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