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March 10, 2003

The elevators in my office

The elevators in my office building have shiny metal doors that are reflective enough to act as mirrors. This is handy for checking for hat hair, straightening one's tie, secret people watching, things like that. Sometimes at lunch I sit in the cafe downstairs, which happens to be near the monitors for the elevator cams. What a boring job that would be - I'd totally read, except that wouldn't be allowed. I'd wish for something unexpected to happen on the elevators, just to give me something interesting to note. (Interesting, not gross or embarrassing.)

It's a good rule of thumb to just assume the hidden cams are there. I wonder how many people forget, though. At one place I worked, my office mate and I came back from lunch one day and had an elevator to ourselves. Since it was just us girls, she flipped up her skirt and adjusted her pantyhose before I could blurt out that she had just flashed the security desk. The damage done, she just shrugged it off and hoped for the best.

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