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March 05, 2003

Ten, the Abbas Kiarostami film

Ten, the Abbas Kiarostami film that we were shut out of at the NY Film Festival, opens at Film Forum today.

Of late, I'm constantly fine-tuning the blog. I've just joined Weblogs.Com, so if I'm on your blogrolling list, you'll know when I updated if you've designated your settings accordingly. And then you can race here for the latest in onanistic bleating.

Ernie the Attorney talks about the three stages of blogging awareness, but I think there's another stage - becoming an obsessive blogwhore. (Alas, I am only 25%.) Gotta think of something to post today. Has anybody commented? Has anyone sent me an email from the mailto link? Have I been added to anybody's blogroll? Omg, what are my stats? Yay, another user looking for Kelly Ripa and her stupid high heels! Perhaps an intervention is needed ("Lady Crumpet, step away from the keyboard!"). Obviously, I gotta get out more, if only to make the following observation:

Which is worse? Hearing Elton John sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" or a muzak version?

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