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March 24, 2003

Oscar Highlights

I am pleasantly surprised, more than I expected to be. Nicole Kidman and Adrien Brody, Best Actress and Actor. Chris Cooper for Best Supporting Actor. Roman Polanski, Best Director. (Scorsese actually looked pleased in spite of losing.) Michael Moore, whose speech I'd seen the gist of earlier today and managed to cram onto the air before he was orchestrated offstage. Spirited Away as Best Animated Feature. I didn't think Eminem would win for Best Song, but he spared us both his presence as well as the speechifying by Bono had U2 won. Finally - can someone please give Peter O'Toole a role so he can come back and win an Oscar in the usual fashion? He was incredibly charming and witty, and didn't seem to need bits of paper or a teleprompter to express his appreciation to the Academy.

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