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March 04, 2003


I wanted to wait until Scott formally accepted and we told our families. Scott has a job! It's a tenure-track position at a state university. So back to Atlanta we will go. Our families are there, or closer to there, and some of our friends as well.

We're really, really pleased. But oh how we're going to really miss being here. We've tried explaining why New Yorkers basically feel like they're at the center of the universe, and how provincial they can seem at times. Or "arrogant" as our friend put it. The mindset that nothing really happens, unless it happens here. There's a bit of truth to that - people who are the best at what they do are drawn here, and driven to try and succeed. We're incredibly demanding, and amazingly, there are all kinds of services to cater to those demands. There's lots of reasons for civic pride, and of course, lots of reasons to be annoyed with the attitude. But we've got it, so we're gonna flaunt it, buddy.

As hard as it can be to live here, as maddening as my commute is from the suburbs, I love this city. I know the City better than my own neighborhood, and there's still so much to discover. I've made good friends, and I'm making new ones, and I'm going to miss all of you. (Our visitor statistics are likely to drop significantly, so we'll have to be the traveling ones.)

But hey, Lady Crumpet is still here, and she's going to make the most of it.

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