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March 09, 2003


This is a new term; it refers to "mobile blogging," or blogging via phone or handheld or text messaging device or whatever. It can be audio or text. Currently audblog and Blogger, via Audio Blogger, offer audio blogging, which means you can create postings (sound and otherwise) through your telephone. Both services charge $3/month, which is cheap enough, I guess. But I'm hardly articulate in speech; why should I inflict that voluntarily on other people? At least with writing my posts, I've got something of a fighting chance in expressing myself.

Anyway, so mrw did a trial posting over at randomness personified. (Doesn't he have a nice voice?) I figured I would give it a try. My post, via cellphone, is below - another poem I like, "Pocket Poem" by Ted Kooser. If I were inclined to subscribe, that would be how I'd use it - reading a poem to you, instead of pasting it here and violating copyright.

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