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March 01, 2003

Met Zeebah & co. at

Met Zeebah & co. at Company last night to celebrate her tender youth. A great happy hour (actually a couple of hours) - I got several gins & tonic for three bucks each - eminently reasonable. I was definitely in a mellow mood - I can't remember the last time I cracked up so much. Recovering from work, I suppose.

Afterwards, those of who were left went to Crif Dogs, a place that specializes in hot dogs. I had a Chihuahua - bacon-wrapped with avocado and sour cream. And waffle fries, but only because they were out of tater tots (also available with chili and cheese, if you wish). Lots of other toppings are available to customize one's frankfurter. Mmmmm. Artery-clogging bliss - the best way to finish up a round of drinking. I'm so dragging Scott there. Love the logo too - a bikini-clad girl humping a hot dog that says "Eat Me."

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