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March 21, 2003

Memes are We

A Case for Song

Admit it, there are songs that you really love. Why? Is there some particular memory attached to it - something important or trivial, happy or sad - or is it an ineffable something in the music or the lyrics that just smacks you in the solar plexus? Mike Wolf, the fair and beauteous creature at Randomness Personified, came up with the idea and started up a page for submissions. His writeup for Elvis Costello's "Battered Old Bird" is simply not to be missed. I've done a writeup - gee, it's a Crowded House song, quelle surprise. It's more of the standard "this is a song that I loved when I was lonely teenager holed up in my room" type of thing, but I didn't really want to write about how I literally spun in dizzying circles to Sting's "All This Time" when I was seventeen and in serious like with a boy in AP English, even though that's probably more interesting. Well, remotely. So come on people, we're not looking for some lengthy expository deconstruction - just a good story about a song that means something to you. It doesn't have to be something cool - I mean, you know my weakness for the popcorn cotton candy fluff. Then send it to mike[at]mikewolf[dot]net. And yes, I'm blatantly expecting the people I know to ante up.

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