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March 15, 2003

Late late (last) night

Girls' night out in Brooklyn. Dinner at Alma, which left us happily stuffed. Lovely smoky margaritas, chips, salsa and mole sauce, tamales, chile relleno, mole poblano con pollo (the mole sauce contained ground up fruit and Mexican chocolate), and a bit of cheesy rice that was more the texture of risotto. And dessert beckoned us - key lime pie and coconut cheesecake. I'll diet another day.

Then a late screening of The Hours. Now I want to read both Mrs. Dalloway and Michael Cunningham's novel. Although I've only seen three of the movies that have a Best Actress nominee for the Oscar this year (Far From Heaven, Chicago), Nicole Kidman is my pick, with Julianne Moore for Best Supporting Actress. (I know, like it matters.)

A quick pint afterwards at a nearby pub, and then a footrace to catch the last hourly train. Alas, I missed it by two minutes, and the next one wasn't running until 3 a.m. Jen, gracious nightbird that she is, gave me a ride home. It also gave us the chance to have one of those good late-night conversations that seem to happen most easily when you're driving down the highway.

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