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March 25, 2003

J. Hoberman offers his commentary

J. Hoberman offers his commentary on the Academy Awards in the newest Village Voice: "When Doves Cry: Oscars Declare War on the War."

Michael Moore always makes me cringe; I hate the way he puts people on the spot, even though he's calling their attention to something important. And I knew he was gonna say something and that some would cheer and others would seethe and hiss and I would be squirming at home. But he did remind people that our current president was basically installed by the Supreme Court, that his "fictitious election" should've made him humble enough to realize that as President he's responsible to all of the citizens, not just the ones who line his party's coffers. That getting by with election results the equivalent of a gentleman's C isn't enough of a justification or a mandate for cramming this war down the world's throat. This frat boy theocrat has saddled this country with lost credibility, fiscal disaster, and the risk of terrorist retribution, which will last far longer than his time in office.

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