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March 23, 2003

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Got home at three last night. Rolled myself out of bed around six-thirty. Back on the train. A fabulous, gorgeous sunny day in the city. Spring fever is coursing through my veins. I stride down the street, twenty blocks from Penn to 14th, my cotton candy music keeping me bright-eyed and bushy-pony-tailed. More legal research practice in class.

Afterwards, I walked over to Union Square to catch an uptown train. The peace rally was underway, so I stayed awhile to watch. I think I spotted Al Sharpton, although I didn't particularly care. People were intense, but the protest was peaceful. Cops were aplenty, speaking politely to spectators as they urged them to stay on the sidewalks and keep the streets clear. Helicopters hovered overhead along Broadway. There were all kinds of people marching, with varieties of signs. "Axles of Evil" - a placard covered with pictures of SUVs. "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease." "Not Shocked, Not Awed. Just Ashamed." "Peace is Patriotic." Someone wielded a giant pretzel that said "Eat Me, George!" Although the decision makers don't care what we think, the protest was still an inspiring sight, and I felt a little less alone in my thinking. Then I headed uptown for my JASNA meeting for a lecture on the financial history of England during Jane Austen's lifetime.

I met up with my ladyfriends - JenK, Golda and Julie P. We picked up women food at the market - Piroulines, Milanos, cheese, crackers and beverages. Then we gathered around Julie's coffee table to play the board game Pride & Prejudice - yes, based on the novel by a certain Regency era authoress. The object of the game was to get your characters married. We answered questions on the novel - I created some drama by nearly missing a perfectly easy question - collected shillings and tokens along the way, and positioned our characters in and around Longbourn, Netherfield, Pemberley, London, Rosings, the Parsonage, Lucas Lodge and Meryton. Yes, Lady Crumpet spent another day geeking out in another fashion. It was fun, and laughs were all around.

Jen and I walked back downtown, ending up in Midtown. We decided on tapas at Ola - and the experience was literally sensational. Smooth, potent white sangrias washed down the intense flavors of a variety of olives, mackerel ceviche, fried oysters, Cuban pulled pork, and the piece de resistance, a dish called Killer Dates. Jen and I just about died with bliss over this dish: bacon-wrapped dates with some brie, set on a clean sliver of endive, garnished with parsley and jicama. The bacon is incredibly crisp, then you taste the sweetness of the dates, and then there is the light clean crisp crunch of the endive and the rich sourness of the brie. I had to close my eyes and savor the explosion of flavors and textures in my mouth. This is the kind of food that should be filed under Aphrodisiac, it is just that amazing. A cab to Penn, another late train home. Tomorrow, or later today really, I'll be good and do the stuff I'm supposed to get done this weekend. At least I'll try. ;)

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