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March 09, 2003

Hosting Advice?

Ok, so I'm tired of having ads on my page. I'd like to find a host for my blog that's priced affordably, that can use my domain name as the original URL (currently, masks the Blogspot URL), and doesn't suck. (Is it ok that my domain name was purchased from a separate vendor from whoever I end up using as a host?) Interestingly, my provider does not offer a hosting plan for blogs, just for more traditional (bigger) sites, although I do get basic webspace. Just no access to Perl or cgi bins, stuff that I'm somehow going to figure out. (Ha!) I guess the big ISPs haven't heard about the phenomenon of the blog just yet.

So, recommendations? Thoughts? I've checked out the resource listings at Eatonweb, Globe of Blogs, and Dmoz but I honestly don't know what to choose. I know I need at least 25 mb of space, but what else should I consider? And then there's deciding whether to mess with Movable Type or GreyMatter - or some other blog publishing tool. My problem is that I research a little too obsessively, and then go mad because I have too much information to work with. Classic infoglut.

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