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March 26, 2003

(De)Mental Victrola

Xanadu cover artAs a kid I was a huuuuge fan of Olivia Newton-John. I loved her in Grease, Xanadu, even Twist of Fate. I had this white knitted fringed poncho that I wore when my parents took me to a double feature of Grease and Saturday Night Fever, and towards the end of the movie I was bopping my pony-tailed head with the poncho around my waist, trying to imitate Sandy in her pink poodle skirt. Then my mom made me put the poncho on properly, because it was cold in the theater. Awwww, Mom!

We had HBO in our little apartment in Queens. My dad allowed my sisters and me to watch Xanadu, we just had to cover our ears whenever there were any bad words. Okay, Daddy.

So I now have the song "Dancin'" in my head, the one with The Tubes and Olivia. If you've ever seen the movie, it's featured in the dance-off scene between the dancers dressed in 40s-style garb and the practically alien-looking 80s-clad dancers. I thought the 80s dancers were scary looking; I wanted to dress like one of the 40s girls. Yes, like Olivia. I thought she was so cool, so pretty, in her off-the-shoulder dress and her leg warmers and roller skates, and the ribboned combs in her hair. I guess you could say that Xanadu was my introduction to Greek mythology, since she was a Muse and her father was Zeus.

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