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March 03, 2003

After my Saturday class Scott

After my Saturday class Scott and I had lunch at the Corner Bistro, where the menu is so basic it's in a frame on the wall. I had the Bistro burger, while Scott went for the chili burger. Carnivores will be awfully happy. Afterwards, we planned for our movie screenings - the new Cronenberg, Spider, starring Ralph Fiennes, and the documentary Lost in La Mancha, about Terry Gilliam's failed attempt to make Don Quixote. Both are definitely worth checking out - we enjoyed them immensely. In between films we browsed at the Mercer Street Bookstore. A tiny shop, but sometimes you can find good stuff. I picked up a beautiful British Folio Society set of the Gormenghast novels. Even before I knew what I held in my hands my eyes glazed over at the beautiful illustrations and presentation - and the set was only $21.95.

A good day, but Scott really needs to buckle down with school, as do I. I at least have a little more wiggle room with my schedule though, not being mired in a doctoral program. Then again, the oh so fat bank account is still not enough to maintain the lavish urban lifestyle.

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