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March 23, 2003

A Matter of Utmost Importance

Yes, while war rages on, Lady Crumpet has more vital issues on her mind - what to do with her babelicious tresses. As some of you may recall, my last haircut was - egad! - last August. It's grown out nicely, at least a good five, seven inches past my shoulders now. The layers have helped, so I have more of a mane than a mop on my head. But I'm bored. I've resorted to ponytails when it's not hanging down. So I want to do something different, but I'm not sure how different. It seems a shame to lop off the length, but then again, I'm fairly petite, and short gals with long, thick hair tend to look like Cousin It. Getting bangs would give me a different look but with a similar length. Then again, there are the regular trims for bangs and the growing out period when I tire of them. Also, summer will be coming, and length could be a liability. Gah!

So I found Pollhost, which lets you create free polls. The results are nonbinding, especially since many of you have no idea what I look like. (FYI - short, non-stick-insect, Asian girl with long, thick, wavy-ish black ("dark blonde") hair.) But maybe hearing what you think will drive this inane debate out of my head. Although it's a welcome distraction from more important current events. It's not the most well-designed poll, but the folks at Gallup weren't interested. So have a lark and vote. Thanks!

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