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February 19, 2003


Last week was an abbreviated but hectic one for me. Work crush through Wednesday, a training day on Thursday, and then a jaunt out of town with Scott - a surprise Valentine's visit down south to visit our friends and their new baby Miss Evelyn, as well as to celebrate a milestone birthday for S. The look of surprise on my friend's face and the viselike hug she gave me were completely worth the effort - her husband and I had been scheming by email since early last year.

Miss Evy is completely adorable. I thought I'd be terrified holding 12 pounds of infant, but she seems pretty agreeable to letting sundry people coddle her and make faces at her. Still no baby pangs, but the auntie pangs are being nourished. Scott introduced her to some a cappella renditions of party rap and funk; Evy seemed especially receptive to KC & the Sunshine Band, bouncing and boogying as we held her up.

I like road trips - racing down the highway, picking up junk food at the gas station, trying to decipher the vanity plates of other cars. We picked up a new portable CD player - our last one had to be set on a cushion in order to have a semblance of skip-free music. It even has a remote, so you could set the player on top of the dash and only handle it when switching out albums. Sweet! We usually make mix tapes for our trips, but lately we haven't had enough time for that. We're going to make another attempt to get our burner operational and move into the world of mix CDs.

For future trips, it's a good idea to check the weather beforehand. I had no idea the weather was going to be this bad. We barely got out of our friends' driveway Sunday afternoon, then crawled along in a single lane of traffic on I-95, pretty much most of the way from Virginia to NY. The storm got worse, visibility lessened, and the roads became thicker with snow and ice. Scott, good man that he is, did the driving - it didn't seem the best time for me to learn snow driving in the midst of a blizzard. We couldn't stop for the night - when we tried to find a motel, the driveways were all too snowy to enter. But we knew we were back in New York when just after exiting the Lincoln Tunnel, a drunken girl hailed and flailed the cab in front of us, rushing towards it and flashing all of us in the process. She fell down and lay in the snow; fortunately her more sober friends were there to pick her up and see if the cab was actually available. (It wasn't.) We got home around seven on Monday morning and conked out for most of the day.

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