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January 28, 2003

State of the UnionThe President

State of the UnionThe President will spin his (speechwriter's) rhetoric tonight. Some may try and cope during the speech by playing a drinking game. Look for massive hangovers tomorrow.

Professional development. One of my co-workers has interviewed for a job at another law library. I've been trying to keep her psyched up, encourage her to see what a great opportunity this would be for her. She would gain so much more responsibility and experience - she could make the transition from paraprofessional jobs to a full-fledged career in librarianship. Zeebah and I agree that leaving would be the best thing for her, although we'd miss her terribly. Why are we so gung-ho for her to move on? Because she's been here for over ten years, the senior librarians condescend to her; she's smart enough to take on more responsibility, but they don't think so and treat her dismissively. Our firm skimps on salaries, raises, vacation - never mind that our boss never lets anyone else take the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas for vacation and constantly sends out emails reminding us to keep our desks tidy. Yes, "tidy," as though we're teenage slobs leaving dirty clothes or dishes all over the place! Granted, this is not a terrible place to work, but it's not a place to invest your career in for decades, either. You get the experience you need, so you can move on to a better situation elsewhere.

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