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January 22, 2003

It's the 30th anniversary of

It's the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Now that the White House and Congress are dominated by the Republicans, they're going to make further attempts to weaken abortion rights. I don't see how others can justify dictating women's choices for something so intensely private and personal. Abortion isn't a choice to be made lightly, but if a woman makes that decision, no one else has the right to interfere. Groups like NOW and NARAL Pro-Choice America (National Abortion Rights Action League) have ramped up their efforts to raise awareness - a woman's right to choose should not be taken for granted.

What also gets me is that it seems the same people who are anti-abortion are also anti-information when it comes to sex education. Abstinence can only be promoted so much - people need to be informed about how to protect themselves, not only from unplanned pregancies, but from disease as well. Maybe we can convince teenagers and young adults to delay for a time, but come on - people are going to have sex anyway. It's vital that young people know how to take responsibility for themselves, even though parents hate to think of their kids becoming sexually active. Moreover, where's the support for women who choose to have their children, who may end up being single mothers in need of public assistance? These people who rant and rave about the preciousness of an unborn child seem to have little interest in the welfare of single mothers and their children, or the kids who end up in foster homes. It's all connected, folks.

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