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January 25, 2003

Spies in the Stacks

Spies in the Stacks Scott and I saw this last night at the WowCafe Theatre, a tiny little walk-up space, with a bunch of folding chairs and everyone cheerfully crammed together. It was loads of fun - an NYU librarian in 1962 confronting espionage and government investigation in libraries. Although things work out in the end, as a librarian she gets rather cozy with the FBI - the main character, Pearl Plotnick, finds sweet librarian lesbian love in the arms of a sharp-as-a-tack agent's secretary. Some easy lesbian jokes tossed in to the receptive audience: "Do you like Humphrey Bogart?" "I prefer Lauren Bacall." The play addressed a very relevant concern today: Freedom of information, the bedrock of democracy, versus national security.

Japanese Smileys Of course, they're way cute! (^_^)

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