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December 09, 2002

Transit strike?

There is the very real possibility of the subways being shut down next week. There's no way to overstate how bad this would be for the city, where many people don't even own a car, even outside of Manhattan. Those of us who live far out enough to commute by railroad will be okay - we had a talk in the department about who will keep the library going while the rest of us struggle to get in. Looks like I'll be doing extra work getting our daily serials checked in and circulated until the person who handles that can get to the office. It's actually illegal for the strike to take place, and the mayor will undoubtedly invoke the relevant statute. But the union(s) will strike anyway, in spite of the penalties that action would generate. The worst thing is that the strike will hurt the people who can least afford it, and it's not as if the city's financial crisis isn't already about to implode.

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