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December 29, 2002

Loosey Goosey

I guess I must thrive on having to juggle spinning plates - my second (and last) free weekend, and I'm desperately trying to make the apartment presentable and attempt a home cooked dinner tonight. Even though there are no formal New Year's resolutions for me, we've simply got to cut down on going out to eat or getting takeout dinners. So this may be my year to really try to become a Domestic Goddess. (Hah!) If we're still on schedule, Jen's going to come 'round, we'll go get ingredients and/or supplies/gadgets, and with her amused/horrified/exasperated guidance I shall attempt something out of my new Jamie Oliver cookbook (a birthday gift from Jen). Scott's got a strong constitution, so he should survive my cooking. Okay, better get back to clearing and hoovering the living room. If only I could just hose the whole room!

Yesterday was playtime in the city. Brunch was in Tribeca at Bubby's. I've been wanting to try this place for forever. Eggs scrambled with smoked trout, home fries and toast for me, eggs, toast, bacon and melon for Scott. We saved room for pie - a fresh-tasting pear pie - yum. We found the downtown annex of The Strand and also did some cd hunting at J&R. The reason for coming into the city: a screening of Billy Wilder's The Apartment, which I'd never seen before. It's ultimately a comedy, so there was going to be a happy ending, but I didn't realize that during most of the movie - the dark, bleak underbelly of life for Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine gave me lumps in my throat, and you didn't necessarily get the feeling that things would work out they way they should, because real life isn't like that.

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