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December 16, 2002


A pop quiz:

The transit strike

a) won't happen, and my project is due tomorrow.
b) will happen, and my project is due at a later date.
c) will happen, but only after my project is due.

Answer: I'll let you know (because I'm sure you care). I'm between A and C.

Issues of respect have been addressed, so now it's all about the money. Negotiations continue. Between the countdown clock and the all-night coverage (which I did not stay up to watch) and talk of serious snow, the news has been unhelpful on both counts. I walked to work, the sun was shining, the air was temperate, there were police directing traffic and lanes cleared for bicycles - and I'm here at the office after a weekend of being cooped up in the lab and only having to show for it a bunch of articles and links that need to be massaged into a complete research guide. Soy un perdador as Beck might say. Guess I better start up on the caffeine this morning.

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