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December 26, 2002

Happy Christmas!

'Twas a good day, mostly. I got up early-ish, turned on The Yule Log, but with the volume down so I could play my own Christmas music. Nothing like hearing The Waitresses song, Christmas Wrapping, which was on just as I wrapped Scott's presents. I had to shoo him back to bed until I was done, so they were all nicely pretty for about, oh, two minutes.

Scott's mom knows me so well - among other things, she gave me a teapot wall calendar while Scott got a CD of Sinatra Christmas music (from the Capitol years, so "it doesn't suck" according to the dear husband). We popped in a tape of Meet Me in St. Louis and watched that for a bit while opening gifts and making phone calls to family.

Brief moment of "Arrrgh" here: I don't understand why my family cannot be bothered with a damned answering machine. They were home yesterday, but since I used a calling card for the phone call, the Caller ID indicated the call was from Denver. Since they "don't know anyone in Denver" they didn't bother to answer the phone, not even my sisters, whose cell phones you'd have to pry from their cold dead hands. Ok, I understand not picking up the phone if you don't recognize the number - but can they not give me an opportunity to leave a message? So they're thinking that I didn't try to call them on Christmas and I'm wondering why the hell they won't pick up my call. Now I have to call back and apologize after ranting at one sister, who said I should've called straight from the home phone or used my cell phone, and they would call me back. Ok, the matter of family aside, why do I have to call one or more of at least four phone numbers (1 home, 3 cell) in order to reach them? But I have to remember to just suck it up and take them for being the irrational, irritating people that they are - my family.

Brunched at IHOP and tipped the waitress extra for having to work on Christmas. Got on the road to Brooklyn for a holiday visit with Zeebah and her family unit - what should've been a 1.5 hour tour turned into a three hour exercise in madness. Never take shortcuts when the snow is covering the signs you need to read! Scott was a super good sport for driving around in the storm. We did make it, though, to our screening of LOTR: The Two Towers. A whole year until the next one, waaah!

Back in the snowstorm, navigating unplowed snowy icy roads. Few cars, which was fortunate. After all that, we got stuck in the road entrance to our building. But we managed to reverse out and part down the street in the supermarket lot next door. So a tiring, but memorable holiday. Whew!

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