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December 31, 2002

A modest success

The first foray into home cooking turned out not unsuccessfully. Jamie Oliver's chili con carne, was tasty and filling. I forgot how to properly cut the onions, and mincing sun dried tomatoes in oil is definitely a hands-on experience. (Perhaps a food processor, or at least a mortar and pestle, should be a future investment.) Jen cheerfully provided moral support - we chatted and chopped, measured and stirred, scarfing crackers with olive tapenade and sipping bottles of black and tan. I got to use my little bowls to hold bits of spice, and there was the inaugural grinding of the pepper mill.

I like cooking as an interactive, social activity, I guess because I'm used to hanging out while my parents and sisters did the cooking. (I could only be trusted with minor tasks.) I'm so used to my family's rice cooker - need to remember 1 cup of rice goes with roughly 2 cups or water. We had mixed salad from a bag (though tossed by moi), and garnished the chili with shredded cheddar. Sunday night ended late, but we were happily full, and thankfully, Scott got the dishes going. Hurrah!

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