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November 06, 2002

If only I could have

If only I could have stayed in bed, as I did on Monday (on a rare sick day - and yes I was actually feeling unwell). I had a sinking feeling going into these midterm elections that any one race would send the Senate back the other way. I don't know why Democrats are surprised. You have to demonstrate that you stand for something, that you offer something different than the opposition - give people a reason to vote for you, and not just rally for the sake of bipartisan unity because you're afraid of the other side accusing you, wrongly, of treason. And people should not cling to the candidates who prey on fears about homeland security at the expense of civil liberties, gun control, corporate oversight, reasonable medical care, abortion rights. All of us who couldn't be bothered to vote because "it doesn't matter" - well, then it really doesn't matter what we think, does it?

Let's just have it out in the open, a formal two-tier system, say. There are voters, and non-voters. Voters get all rights and privileges thereto, and the non-voters will just have to scrabble for what they can get.Voters can get dibs on the good stuff, like a voter tax credit, parking spaces right near the mall entrance, season tickets for a favorite team, or opting out of the draft. Non-voters should just start packing for one-way trips into the streets of Baghdad, since the Constitution is wasted on you. Don't pass go, don't collect your two hundred bucks. We can make time to watch others humiliate themselves for entertainment on national television, we can spend hours online finding all kinds of fun inanities and chatter idly about whether Winona should have been prosecuted, but we can't be bothered to punch a few holes in our ballots and switch a lever for the candidates we hope will remember to represent their constituencies.

Poor Zeebah will choke when she reads this, but if I seem to be harsh and emphasizing the "we are losers" stance, it's because I'm on the list of shame too: I didn't vote. Doesn't matter that I'm not someone who thinks one's vote is irrelevant - the count for me versus that indifferent person is the same. Zero.

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