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November 26, 2002

37,551 words

I wrote on the train coming and going. I wrote during lunch. I've tried spinning a couple of albums while writing, and so far The Strokes still rule. It's not that the music is thematically related - I think maybe I've conditioned myself, or something; once the music's going I'm free to let go and write. I just hope I don't go deaf by the end of this.

Did you know that Monopoly became a hit during the Depression? Mr. Monopoly, the iconic figure for the board game, is going to appear as a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. Strikes me as a bit ominous that he's making such a grand appearance while the city economy sucks royally and there's talk of fare hikes for the subways and railroads. Meanwhile city libraries and firehouses have only just avoided the axe, for now.

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