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November 23, 2002

23,897 words

Getting there. I'll have 7 days to come up with the other half of my novel. As the logo on the shirt says, "No plot? No problem!" And why am I only at -24k words? Because I went into the city with Scott for a nice brunch and a viewing of the Michael Moore documentary, Bowling for Columbine. We stopped at a Starbucks (ugh, I know, but we don't have anything cool near where I live) and hung out for a bit and that's when I managed to write. I'd better try to hit 25,000 tonight, at least. Sleep is so overrated.

Actually there will be only six days to finish the novel, because I've gotten it in my head to do a Thanksgiving/birthday sort of gathering, and somehow I've managed to get Zeebah and Jen to agree to this crazy idea - and I only have to help with the cooking. (Hopefully Jen won't crack a rolling pin over my head by the end of it, being the ridiculous clueless novice that I am - she's got turkey duty and is hosting the hootenanny at her place, bless her.) Lauren (Zeebah's partner) and I are having our birthdays as well on either side of the turkey day itself, so this should be fun - normally I am so not a person who decides to forcibly rustle up people for the sake of my birthday, but since next fall could see us in some remote part of the country, I'd better celebrate with people while I can. It's the Anti-Embarrassment Thanksgiving - if we wanted to suffer insufferable people, then we would be heading home for the holiday. It's going to be a small, casual, cozy gathering, with no pressure and everyone will enjoy themselves, damn it.

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