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October 23, 2002

What time is it on

What time is it on Mars? A Martian day is 37 minutes longer than a Terran day. Even so, I'd probably still be late for the train.

Having had such a good experience with the walkathon, I'm now on day 3 of walking to work from the rail station. It's a 25 minute brisk New Yorker walk. After navigating Seventh Avenue in my Nine West dress boots the other day, I decided to clash with my wardrobe and bring out the dreaded white sneakers. Not the most winning look, but my feet will thank me.

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I loved your opening lines here... I identify far too much :). I can just see myself running along on Mars, chasing the Martian bus in the morning!

Posted by: Cordelia at October 25, 2002 01:17 PM