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October 29, 2002

My Uncle David's brother Doug

My Uncle David's brother Doug (David isn't really my uncle but he and his wife have been, or used to be, friends with my parents since before I was born). One summer the lot of us were visiting for a nice long bout of smalltown coziness ("everything is five minutes away from the house!"). David and Doug were partners then in a jewelry shop, and we all stopped by to say hi. I forget how it was that everyone else wasn't around - maybe they took a stroll around the mini-mall or they were looking around the shop, but for a few minutes Doug and I were just hanging out on a mall bench. Doug is quiet where David is ebullient, so it was a while before he started to talk. We'd never met before, he said, but he'd always, always heard about my family, and me in particular. I was like the daughter my aunt and uncle never had, David spoke of me so proudly and enthusiastically. Doug said he felt like he knew me, and he knew that they cared for me very much. I felt my throat get thick and blinked my eyes a lot.

Just as he finished, David and the rest of my family showed up. As we said our goodbyes, I hugged him impulsively (surely curious to the others). I knew then that I needed to try to be worthy of my uncle's unstinting love always.

I don't know just how bad things really were to be worth the rift, but my parents are no longer speaking to my aunt and uncle. (Last I knew, David and his brother weren't on good terms either.) I couldn't invite them to the wedding because it would have pained my parents so. I haven't even told them yet because I don't know how to explain it without hurting them. I guess I can't, and it will only be worse the longer I wait. As far as my family's concerned, we're all supposed to cut ourselves off, which is utter rubbish. I have these physical pangs, as if a part of me really were missing. I've got to make contact. I'm not sure I'm the one who can bridge the gap between them and my parents, my own status with my family on its own fragile footing, but I don't have to participate in this stupid drama.

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make contact make contact!!

Posted by: marco at November 1, 2002 07:52 AM