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October 02, 2002

Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

For those who thought Jane Austen really ought to given us a more climactic ending to Pride and Prejudice, Penelope Smythe-Featherstonehaugh has thoughtfully obliged us with Passion's Proud Prejudice. Bravo, HP! Truly Sick and Wicked.

We've all seen the reviews for the Nimbus 2000 (they're no longer up, so that's why no linkage) and its popularity with the kids. But here's something even Samantha from Sex and the City might find a little too cute for her - the Hello Kitty vibrator.

Played hooky tonight. Met up with Andrew & Mark, some dear friends whom I like to think of as my adopted British uncles (we met courtesy of a dear friend who actually is one of their nieces). Bought tickets for Urinetown and had a lovely supper. Delicious, potent cocktails, a fine bottle of Portugese douro, which was new to me, and hearty helpings of Feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. It's a dark, rich, hearty stew, incredibly flavorful. You pour it over rice and we had garlicky shredded spinach and sprinkled bread crumbs and bits of orange and spicy sauce over it. Serious satisfaction.

Urinetown was a great experience, in spite of the fact that at points I did nod off, being again (!) tired and feeling the effect of fine drinks and food. This was especially bad, because being right in the front row probably made it a bit more obvious. The work challenges the idea of what a musical should be and uses conventional elements of the musical to entertaining, satirical effect. The lyrics were well done - no throwaway lines that I could tell. You do get the sense of its fringe festival origins, and Mark & Andrew were of opposing opinions as to the quality of the musical - Mark, musical theatre writer/performer extraordinaire, was most enthusiastic. Andrew, however, also nodded off for reasons other than fatigue, I suspect. ;) Always a treat to be in the middle of one of their debates. (I already miss you - come again soon!)

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