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October 10, 2002

First, some fireworks, because new

First, some fireworks, because new babies deserve fireworks. And just because.

"A memory-impaired neighborhood." On NPR we heard the announcer reading the corporate sponsor messages, including one for an assisted living community which had this unintentionally hilarious tagline.

There was a full-page ad in the NY Times today for The American Spirit Tower. Even though I've seen other models and artist illustrations, this particular rendering jolted me. For the first time it really sunk in that something new is going to be built downtown. There's a certain route you can take along the edge of Brooklyn where you're just driving along and then suddenly 'round the bend there's lower Manhattan gleaming at you across the river. The impression with the towers was always breathtaking - like seeing mountains. Now the view is anonymous, as if the tip of the island belonged to any old cityscape.

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