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October 15, 2002

Feel Good Story of the Day

Kitten freed from "sticky black goo" Whoever adopts this adorable scrapper might consider naming it Macadam (Mac for short, maybe Tar Baby as a nickname). A name both apropos and a palindrome. (Props to Obscure Store for the link)

Dialect Survey. This is a detailed survey run by some linguistics profs and students at Harvard. At 122 questions it's a bit lengthy, but you can answer the questions at your leisure (free registration required). Apparently the site's gotten lots of hits since its brief writeup in the NY Times, so the dialect maps are currently unavailable. Well worth doing.

I've got the Sesame Street tune Ladybug Picnic going through my head this morning, though I never knew all the words until now. I wish this were available on CD! The next best thing, however, is a video collection, Sing Yourself Silly!

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