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October 21, 2002

Another weekend sacrificing academe. Our

Another weekend sacrificing academe. Our stint at the film series Scary Movies: 30 Years of Horror began with Prince of Darkness. I'd seen the movie before but still got spooked and jumpy. It's embarrassing enough, but even more so when one is surrounded by a bunch of horror filmsters who might laugh if anything at what's onscreen. Scott wishes he could still have the fun of being scared at the movies - I'd gladly give him my share. We also caught God Told Me To and Evil Dead. I'd seen the former on video with Scott - it's not a typical gory horror movie, more a thoughtful detective story with horror elements. The writer/director, Larry Cohen, did a q&a about exploring political ideas in his movies; he seemed like a cool, practical, laidback kind of guy. As for Evil Dead, I'd look everywhere but at the screen, or I'd conveniently close my eyes when the sound went suddenly quiet. I could open my eyes once the mayhem was in progress.

Sunday, I met up with Zeebah for the walkathon in Central Park. A beautiful day for a walk, although I could have done without the high schoolers cheering us on every couple hundred yards. I don't feel this great accomplishment for just walking, although I did manage to raise some money. Afterwards, caught Jen's fabulous housewarming, kept busy heating up sundry appetizers and topping off glasses of champagne (managing a few swigs and nibbles myself, of course); again, I wanted to be useful instead of trying to be brilliant in conversation. Came home, crashed on the couch, and at some point Scott sent me to bed. I was so tired I have no recollection of this.

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