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October 01, 2002

Two for Tuesday

1. When you're tired, do you embrace sleep -- either by napping or calling it a night -- or do you fight it and stay awake?
I fight sleep tooth and nail. I resent that there's so little personal time in my days - my commute is a real time-suck, I have work, school, stuff that needs to be done at home. If I was a good girl and really did everything I was supposed to, I would have no life. So I go out anyway, knowing there's the long train ride, or stay up with Scott to watch one of our Netflix picks. Big surprise that I have trouble making it through the whole film. The past two nights we saw Unknown Pleasures and Chihwaseon at the film festival and I kept nodding in and out of consciousness. It's so frustrating - I wish we had 36-hour days so that I could do everything and have a life. But just today Zeebah put it this way: "You can sleep when you're dead." And so I'm gonna slog on.
There are times when I do go for the power nap, which usually coincides with being in the middle of a paper that I'm trying to get through. As long as it's short, it gives me an excuse to step away from the computer screen and come back with a clearer head.

On the other hand, I fight waking up. You get so comfortable, you're warm and nestled, all snuggly - and then it's time to get up again?

2. Do you have any funny sleeping rituals or habits?
Sometimes a leg stuck out over and around the blanket. We set out a little soft fuzzy blanket that the cats like to sleep on. However, one of our cats, Tabitha, has decided she really likes sharing my pillow and has been sleeping above my head. Hence, lots of pillows, so I can shove her onto one of them when I'd like to hog my own, thank you very much.

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