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September 12, 2002

Well, still here. Not that

Well, still here. Not that I really expected anything to happen - it was more preoccupation with the emotional weight of the day. I went about feeling as though there were invisible hands pressing down upon my shoulders. It was a gusty, blustery day - sunny, autumnal. The clouds flew by overhead, almost apocalyptically. There's a surreal image by James Estrin in the Times today - the dust at ground zero blew around the officers, firefighters and rescue workers who stood in an outer circle about an inner, circular memorial where people could leave flowers or other tokens. You could almost envision the spirits of loved ones swirling about to comfort those left behind.

(To view the image, go to the NYT site, click on "A Nation Challenged" and look for the multimedia links about the ceremony - you may have to register.)

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