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September 03, 2002

Vacation Hangover

It's pretty hard to come back from a break only to plunge immediately into a loaded schedule. A sluggish but lowkey return to work, plus night classes twice a week. Ugh. But by next summer, I will have earned my degree and emerge from my chrysalis a spanking new librarian.

Went to the beach with Scott and his extended family. Highlights: wiggling toes in the sand, getting smacked around by monster waves, big hugs from the three-year-old. A few days, some sunny, some misty, but lots of family time, especially goofing off with the nephew. Our schedules were fairly light, except for the mandatory 4:30 departure time ("Are we in the car yet?") in order for the lot of us to descend upon some monolithic restaurant for a stuffed-to-the-gills dinner. There was also the Mini-Golf Crisis - "Which course are we supposed to meet them at?!?" - but that was the extent of our troubles.

The next leg of our trip led us to Beantown for a conference. Scott joined his fellow wonks; I took off around the city, armed with maps and a subway pass, scouring used bookstores and CD shops. Toured the Public Library - the first free municipal library in the country. (Not something that the backwoods yahoos in Washington would appreciate.) Also made the lovely mistake of wandering into The Closet, a secondhand shop. Scored a slinky, sleeveless Betsey Johnson dress for $60 - deep red, decolletage, and covered with an abstract pattern that upon closer examination turns out to be snakeskin. It sounds tacky but it's really cool. Thank goodness, though, for the matching wide fabric belt with the big wooden buckle, which will do wonders for hiding the summer (and fall/winter/spring) potbelly.

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