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September 25, 2002

Reading is Fundamental

By the way, did you know we're in the middle of Banned Books Week? Check out the list of books challenged in 2001.

I read "Long in Dark, Afghan Women Say to Read Is Finally to See" in the Times the other day. The article discusses how women in Afghanistan are rushing to take literacy classes, because they were kept from education for so long, especially under the Taliban - below are a few quotes that moved me.

"I wanted to know something and help my children," said Mahgul, 45, a widow and mother of six. "I have no knowledge, and so I am not a useful person. If I can get some knowledge, I can help my children more."

"Without knowledge, I am blind; I do not know white from black," said Torpikay, 30.

I feel incredibly humble. I will never take being literate for granted, nor will I feel superior about it. (I will, however, feel free to rant when people should know better, like the NPR reporter who said "quicklier" the other day.) For contrast, keep in mind that this man is married to a former librarian. [Note - I don't know the source of the image, so it may well have been doctored. But a hoot nonetheless.]

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It is so easy to take being literate for granted. Occasionally I remember how fortunate I am, and reading your entry reminded me again. Thank you. (Oh, and I loved the pic... *snort*)

Posted by: Cordelia at September 25, 2002 10:14 PM