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September 11, 2002

Grieve today, grasp tomorrow.

That's what Bloomberg has said, according to a headline in the Times. We have to start thinking in the present and looking to the future, because there's a lot to do in the weeks, months and years ahead, one day at a time.

I kissed Scott three times before I got on the train this morning and told him I loved him and that I'd see him later. I'm wearing my New York armor - all black, and I see I'm not the only one. Not everyone is, and that's okay too.

My firm offered breakfast and had the television on for the ceremony downtown. I feel badly for the receptionist on our main floor who had to run the desk with another television on by the visitors' seating area. It's not like she had a choice of tuning that out. I went down and sat by myself for a little while, plate untouched, listening to the names recited. When Liz came in I went back to the conference room with her, thinking it wouldn't be good to hear those names alone. Here's her take.

It's hard to be here and work. I do a little at a time, then I check email or the news sites. I traded emails with my friend Julie, who'd interviewed for a job last year that would've been in the towers, but then there was a hiring freeze, for which I am grateful.

I'm making a list of all the things I want to do while I'm here both touristy and native. I truly regret not making it to the WTC observatory, although I remember the perfect blue sky and the bright, blinding sun shining down and gleaming off the towers as I crossed the great plaza to attend a closing or pick up theater tickets at the TKTS booth.

I was born here in the city, moved away as a kid, and now sojourn for a while longer. But my heart is here. This is the place I will always call home.

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