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September 25, 2002


I'm tired and cranky and achy. Not enough sleep, eating at weird times of the day, pulling out next day's outfit from the laundry basket (clothes to be folded, so at least they're clean. Usually.) I was working on my legal research assignment during lunch and realized that we didn't have a certain set of reporters in print at work. So I'll be going to class, having already forgotten my textbook, now with incomplete homework.

Work has me in a funk too. I know that all I can do is a bit at a time and keep up with my various tasks. And yet I feel like I'm precariously sprawled on a Twister mat. We get new book acquisitions daily, there are all these invoices and statements I have to go through, and being the perfectionist I feel like I have to get it all done by myself. And then we get these periodic email reminders to keep our desks tidy. Yes, tidy. Between books and invoices there's barely room for a picture of my husband on my desk, so it's not like I've got doodads and knickknacks all over the place.

I'd like to tidy up my life in one fell swoop. But it's all about maintenance, upkeep.

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