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August 13, 2002

What does Kelly think? Who gives a f*ck?

There's an ad in the arts section for a novel, For Better, for Worse. It happens to be a Reading with Ripa selection. (Kelly Ripa, soap opera actress and morning talk show co-host). It looks like a book I'd take to the beach, yet another in the line of chick lit (20/30something heroine has great friends and seeks Mr. Right but in the meantime drinks/smokes/shags Mr. Wrong like mad). I really don't care what Kelly likes, but I'm not gonna pull my hair over it either. What irks me are the ratings: "Fun: 5. Humor: 5. Easy to Read: 5."

I know not everyone is in the mood for Anna Karenina. But do grown people really need to be told that a book is easy to read? Just look at the cover!

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