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August 13, 2002

Went to Atlanta to throw

Went to Atlanta to throw a baby shower for some of my dearest friends. I was a co-hostess, really the junior one, having flitted into town for the weekend while my partner Amy did all the legwork and came up with fantastic ideas for the rubber ducky/bathtime-themed event. I was happy for the chance to do even a little something for our friends. Fortunately there are some tasks that can be accomplished even from hundreds of miles away.

Friday - Shower preparation. Sally took the day off to hang out with me and help with our various tasks. I got to see her new puppy, all 11.5 pounds of him - absolutely adorable! Hanging out with Amy and her ridiculously agreeable kids was a blast. We bought flowers, we bought food, we chopped and whipped and dipped and stirred. I now know how to make chocolate-covered strawberries, which is quite possibly the most work I've done in a kitchen. We also went over to the church to decorate the room where the shower was to be held, sprinkling confetti, draping tulle and sunflower garlands, and arranging the seemingly endless varieties of rubber duckies. Amy is truly a Shower-Throwing Queen.

Saturday - My friend Mark and I seemed to drive all over Atlanta running last-minute errands. It was great to see familiar faces, there was lots of laughter and conversation, and the baby shower gifts elicited lots of oohs and awwws. One of the really cool presents was a recording of Old English childrens' songs, including something about Oliver Cromwell being dead and buried. A great, fairly relaxed, happy time had by all. Afterwards, Mark and I went on the town - edamame and noodles at Doc Chey's, then insanely good ice cream at Jake's. I had honey fig - the honey tastes as though it came straight from the beehive and there were whole frozen figs in my scoop of delight. Mark had the Key Lime Piescream, which contained actual chunks of pie. We'd hoped to catch either Rain or The Fast Runner, but the showtimes didn't work out for us. The downtime with Mark was a much-needed diversion, since I was spending what little other time I had with my family.

Sunday - more hanging out with my family, then dim sum to celebrate my parents' upcoming 30th anniversary. A quick stopover at Amy and her husband's house for a post-shower gathering with everyone, then it was off to the airport, and back to my sweetheart.

Final thoughts - Okay, so for three days straight, I've been surrounded by baby-oriented people, including grandparents-to-be, several pregnant women and their husbands, a two-year-old, and a five-month old and their parents. And Sally basically treats her puppy like a baby, so that counts too. Still no baby pangs, even seeing how my parents are with the puppy (so just imagine the response a grandchild would generate). I'm not sure if I should be concerned or relieved. But it was definitely a family-oriented weekend, which includes both the family you're born into and the people you choose for family.

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