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August 07, 2002

Swarming, cell dancing, time-softening, drunk

Swarming, cell dancing, time-softening, drunk dialing and smart mobs. Apparently this is some of the new slang that's arisen to describe pop culture particulars of cell phone usage.

I'm guilty of cell dancing - which occurs when people have arranged to meet at a certain place but can't seem to find each other. The same for time-softening - instead of always making fixed plans, I'll call when I've made it into the city and then work out when and where I'm supposed to be. Or I'm running late because of work, the train, etc. and I call while en route to let someone know that I'm running late, which softens the blow of being late, because you gave notice. (Of course, I need to be better about punctuality so that I don't need to make such calls in the first place.)

Oftentimes I leave the phone off, only turning it on because I'm going to meet with my friends later and they may need to let me know what's going on. I have a good cell plan now, so I can afford to make long distance calls to friends and family. Yet I haven't fully embraced the possibilities of talking with people all the time - I don't want to become someone who answers the phone no matter what. What's the point of voicemail then? I have text messaging too, but haven't become hooked on that either - not a big deal occasionally but costly if you become hooked on it.

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