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August 02, 2002

Safire's Definition of "Blog"

From William Safire's discussion of "blog" (New York Times Magazine, 7/28):

Blog is a shortening of Web log. It is a Web site belonging to some average but opinionated Joe or Josie who keeps what used to be called a ''commonplace book'' -- a collection of clippings, musings and other things like journal entries that strike one's fancy or titillate one's curiosity. What makes this online daybook different from the commonplace book is that this form of personal noodling or diary-writing is on the Internet, with links that take the reader around the world in pursuit of more about a topic.

Hmm. "Average but opinionated?" I realize that Safire's playing with the phrase "average Joe" and perhaps simply refers to anyone with a yen for filling the blogosphere. Yet we know not all bloggers are up to the expression of interesting and articulate opinions (let alone valid ones). I can't help but wonder if Safire is having a bit of a dig at us, especially since he later mentions his lack of interest in blogging himself. Maybe this Josie is simply reading the text too closely and should stick to her average opinions.

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