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August 07, 2002

Make the early train, putting

Make the early train, putting me into the city around 8:30. It's such a gorgeous day and I have the time, so I walk to work instead of taking the subway. So I'm in brisk urban mode, when Old Navy looms into sight. I know there's a zip cardigan on sale that I've been eyeing, so I dash in and by 9 am I've come out with that and two shirts that were also on sale. While this is a plus for my wardrobe, it's time to reign in the impulse shopping, although as any girl knows, if you find something great, you have to get it in several different colors.

The walk to work was refreshing - if I continue this, I might actually be getting the exercise I need! Of course this would involve leaping out of bed at 6 o'clock in order to get the day off to a proper start. But fabulous weather in this fabulous city is certainly an inspiration.

Yours, &c., LC | 12:33 PM | New York minutes