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August 16, 2002

In today's Wall Street Journal,

In today's Wall Street Journal, there's an article about fall fashion trends, including "librarian-length" skirts (the hemline falls a bit below the knee). Also, pants with actual waists instead of bellybaring hiphuggers are coming back - hurrah! Naturally, the attractive model in the accompanying photograph looks sharp and classy, yet still manages to exude that hot librarian aura - long, glossy hair, dark, thick eyeglass frames, a fitted argyle sweater, a pin-striped librarian skirt, and for further sassiness, tiny, pointy high heels. (Just cue some raunchy music, and she'd only have to whip off the glasses and toss her hair around to get the fantasy going.) The article advises to look to old Katherine Hepburn movies for inspiration, which is a really great look, particularly if you're tall, slim and have amazing bone structure. Which of course is totally me.

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