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August 19, 2002

Every 40 seconds, a blog is born

Newsweek has an article on blogging (8/26 issue), noting that a new blog is created every 40 seconds.

A very good weekend. Scott and I roamed about the city on Saturday - we caught the monthly record show uptown and found some serious music booty, including a live Stevie Wonder 2-disc set (Scott's) and a live John Denver 2-disc set (that would be, um, mine). My purchase was particularly thrilling, if unfashionable: 28 songs for $8, or a whopping $.28/song. Other great finds - a Sarah McLachlan b-sides album from a few years back for $5, as well as the new Morcheeba album (finally!). We also caught 24 Hour Party People, a really cool, fun film about the rise and fall of Factory Records and the origins of Brit punk, New Wave and rave culture in Manchester, UK.

Sunday - Brunch at Elephant & Castle - bowls of latte and eggs benedict on potato pancakes. Jen presented me with souvenirs from her trip to England - a National Trust tea cosy covered in cats, and a great, goofy "Tea Belly" mug - naturally for my next cuppa. A stop at the fine Myers of Keswick, from which we emerged with wedges of Stilton and cheddar, crackers and Twiglets. By then the heat was too oppressive to even contemplate the subway, so we cabbed on up to our friend Karen's jewel box of an apartment. A partial viewing of a documentary about British aristocracy, then Gosford Park, accompanied by the screenwriter's commentary. Karen was the perfect hostess - draughts of iced tea, crab mixture on crackers, tea sandwiches and a divine raspberry tart. Eventually off home to Dear Husband, who is most understanding, or at least tolerant, of my descents into Anglophilia.

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