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July 11, 2002

The Oldest Man in the

The Oldest Man in the World was ahead of us in the parking lot at the train station. He drifts...he weaves...nobody knows where he's going (least of all him)! Agony and exasperation abound. But he shuffles off, Scott dashes us to the nearest steps to the platform, I race up the stairs, hurl myself into the open door...SAFE on the 7:32!

My desk counters are stacked high and I've got two carts shoved into my little corner of the library - it's like a twisted librarian version of The Cask of Amontillado. Though it's not her fault, I'm dreading the sight of one of my co-workers lately, because it's her job to bring me the new acquisitions.

Today's capper - my boss sheepishly calls me in, calls me "sweetie" and assures me that my work has been top-notch. But the firm's hands are tied, and so "if" I'm here next year, she'll "fight" for me for a better raise. I'm not sure it even covers cost of living. But I don't spoil for a fight - the market here really stinks, and I remember how hard it was to find a starter job last fall that would help me get a real one once I earned my MLS. Liz and I figured out what our raises mean after taxes...maybe one night at the movies with a soda each month. Better I should just sock the money away, since it's going to be invisible over the next 12 months.

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