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July 16, 2002

One of my sisters was

One of my sisters was attacked by cats while trying to walk the dog. The puppy was actually the intended target – he’s maybe six pounds - much smaller than these cats! Sala scooped him up in time but the cats clawed up her legs, trying to get to the dog. A bottle of Bactine, 50-odd Band-Aids, and much agony later, she took a half day from work to get shots (at which point all the Band-Aids had to be removed, poor dear). The cats aren’t strays – they belong to the neighbor on the ground floor, who lets them run loose even though that’s against the rules. The management says they’ll write up an incident report and send a letter – like that’s going to solve the problem! They told Sally, who lives in the apartment, to call animal control. Um – perhaps if they enforced the tenant rules in the first place, this might never have happened. This is simply appalling.

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