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July 09, 2002

Hello, World

As of lunchtime, I am now a blogger - such an ungainly word, isn't it? While "blog" is a logical contraction of "web log," the term is about as poetic as a Milk Dud.

I have been inspired by my friend and co-worker Elizabeth, a cyber-guru/reference librarian, who has a blog of her own. Props to Liz for demonstrating the ease and freeform nature of the medium - yes, even a yahoo like myself can now homestead on the 'Net and add to the pile of online driftwood. While I've made my own websites over the years, the creativity and timely upkeep have been lacking - you really need good content! Plus my beautiful paper journal hasn't been updated in forever and I would hate to not write anything down just because I think I should always be writing passages of brilliant, flowing script with my fountain pen. So the aim here is to just get stuff down, though not so personal as to induce a sharing violation. I'll keep such private thoughts just that, which is where the paper journal will remain handy.

I am also indebted to another friend who sends a weekly missive by e-mail to those of us who happened to randomly discover this fact and request membership to his list. He's a minimalist, condensing his days to spare sentences that are nonetheless rich with observation and reflection. I continue to be impressed by what a great match he is for his wife, one of my dearest friends, who knew in her dreams they were meant to be together. (Yes, really.)

I feel a mite shy about establishing a similar practice, so instead I've taken a more roundabout, albeit curiouser route - now my thoughts can be shared with any poor soul who stumbles across this site. I'll just share the link, and people can decide for themselves if associating with me is really such a great idea.

So here I am. Welcome to the Armoire.

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