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July 10, 2002

Got a Gaudi postcard from

Got a Gaudi postcard from my friend Bill, who is jetting about Barcelona. It's good to know that he actually gets away from the too-sexy accounting job. Maybe I'll hear tales of the chicas swooning in his wake, although I'm sure he's really there for the art and culture. Hopefully he isn't having the Whit Stillman experience.

Off to see a movie tonight; there's a theater downtown doing an David Cronenberg retrospective during the next two weeks. Scott's all agog; hopefully I will be able to watch without peeking through my fingers. Heck, hopefully I'll stay awake, since I have the darnedest time staying up late for the movies, whether it's in the theater or at home. O for the endless energy of freshman year. We watched Hannibal last night - ugh - what a waste of time; we had to watch it over two nights because I fell asleep the first night. Wish I had done the same and not bothered to finish the movie.

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